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Otello. Biały z zazdrości
(Othello. Pale from Envy available in Polish)

$30 (plus shipping)
Dr. Sangare interprets the legend of Othello as the story of a contemporary hero who devotes his life to civil service. Author analyzes many productions and interpretations of Othello, including those of Orson Welles, Anthony Hopkins, Laurence Olivier, and Laurence Fishburne.

(ON. Poetry and Music CD Album)
$30 (plus shipping)
Accompanied by music (Marek Bychawski, composer), Omar Sangare reads and sings his poems.

Bajki dla porządnego człowieka
(Tales for a Good Man available in Polish)
$25 (plus shipping)

Author introduces us to an original world of imagination, as well as provokes to create our own worlds. The intentional lack of punctuation gives the reader many possibilities of interpretation. Each time you read this book, you will find a new book within it.

Bajki dla czarnej owcy
(Tales for a Black Sheep available in Polish)
$25 (plus shipping)

The author creates a suggestive, imaginary world. Apparently innocent and funny stories include deeper philosophical content. Don’t miss reading this book!

Bajki dla starego konia
(Tales for an Old Horse available in Polish)
$25 (plus shipping)

A facade of flimsy stories covers deep sense of philosophy. Author describes it using original phrases, and puts important meanings in a figurative style with a lively sense of humor. You won’t get enough of it.

(Postscript. Poetry available in Polish)
$15 (plus shipping)

Poems gathered in this book constitute a whole story touching opposing emotions. This is a journey from doubt to faith, with longing, happiness and anxiety. It is an honest confession of passion hidden from the ordinary world.

Krajobraz duszy
(Landscape of the Soul. Poetry available in Polish)
$15 (plus shipping)

This book is Omar’s debut as a poet. His writings are unique, passionate, with many meanings and perspectives. The author lets us explore his soul and encourages us to begin exploring our own.

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