Omar Sangare was selected by the U.S. Department of State for a video project that appeared as part of President Obama’s trip to Poland in May 2011.

This series of short documentaries focuses on Polish Americans who contribute to the innovation, creativity and vibrancy of America, featuring a wealth of prominent Polish Americans who are proud of their heritage while having an impact on America’s social and cultural fabric.

Three documentaries cover Omar Sangare’s career as an actor, director, writer, producer and educator. The films contain footage from rehearsals at the Atlantic Theater in New York City, as well as from Williams College, where he teaches in the Department of Theatre. Omar’s Polish roots and international accomplishments have been highlighted as a valuable cross-cultural model of the contemporary artist and scholar.

The videos have been posted in media that includes the official channel AmericaGOV on YouTube, American Embassies, and other government institutions.

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